What if I told you it’s possible to write emails in a quarter of the time?

Well, believe it or not, it is possible. Yet 80% of people haven’t realized how easy it is to do. And that makes me sad :'( … because it only takes 10 hours to learn do).
First, understand these two basic facts:

  • The average person types at 25 WPM
  • The average person reads at 300 WPM

In other words, the average person can read roughly eight times faster than they can type. That poses an interesting question …

Why in the world are we still hunting and pecking at the keys???

It doesn’t make any sense. We type eight times slower than we read, so why do we continually peck away at the keyboard? We are literally wasting time.
And since the average worker spends 28% of their time in email, I’m willing to do anything in my power to reduce that.

On average, after taking our Typing program, clients (including children 7+) are typing anywhere from 35 WPM to 120 WPM. Imagine that quick email you wanted to send has only taken you one minute to complete rather than 10 minutes. Yes, it’s possible with a little dedication.

Here’s how to test your reading and typing speed in under a few minutes:

Test your reading and typing speed   Qwertynomics Button large


Qwertynomics Test your Typing Speed Typing Test


Was your typing speed under 60 WPM?

  • Did you look while you were typing?
  • Did you use all ten fingers during the test?
  • Are you a magician at the keyboard?

We would love to hear about your results and how we can help you with your productivity and save you time valuable time…really, who wants to waste time working when we could be having fun.

We have courses for everyone. Join the Qwertynomics family today. You won’t regret it.