A successful summer

Joshua Clements – Founder of Sci-tek.ca has successfully finished this summer with his new company SCI-TEK.CA and is now getting ready to take his final year at High School. Yes, he is still only 16 years old and has running Spring and Summer courses this year with great success. He joined the Summer Company program with the town of Newmarket in May, 2014 and this enabled him to successfully start up his own company.
Sci-tek.ca specializes in teaching children and young adults Robotics, Programming and all things computer science. He has been working with groups of children in a variety of locations, local libraries and classrooms and all his students have had lots of fun. To see his students achieve such a high level of success in his programs gives Joshua a justifiable glow of satisfaction.

New courses will run on Wednesday nights and Saturdays. The new dates are available here or on Sci-tek.ca website. Maybe you were just looking for a unique Birthday Party. He does that too.

We are now pleased to announce that we will be sharing locations, booking services and other resources over the next year before he goes to University. If you have any questions for either Qwertynomics or Sci-tek please do not hesitate to contact us.

Joshua Clements Sci-tek.ca Summer ProgramAbout Joshua

Joshua is an extraordinary young, aspiring leader with an undeniable entrepreneurial spirit. As the founder of this program and a co-founder of Qwertynomics.ca (typing program for children), he has held many roles, from Teacher and Guest Speaker to Software Development Designer and Network Manager.
Josh is a prolific volunteer for the community of Newmarket through Scouting and other local events. He is a strong beacon and leader to others, inspiring them to achieve their best. In the summer of 2013, he received his Chief Scouting Award in recognition of his hard work.
For the past two Summers he has also worked full time as a Town of Newmarket Camp Counselor working with youth of all ages which he enjoyed thoroughly.

Josh applies his interest in Space Engineering to his teaching. He understands first hand that having a learning disability is not a disability but a “learning difference” and, with the right tools, one can achieve anything!