It’s never to late to learn!

Learning to type is one of the most valuable skills you will ever learn.  96% of all jobs now require copy typing speeds of 40 wpm and above.

Our personalized, fast-track typing program for adults will increase your typing speed, accuracy and productivity, and also help reduce those aches and pains suffered from long hours at your desk. In just 7 and a half hours, you could be typing more than 50 wpm with the aid of our program called Qwertynomics.

“For 32 years I used a keyboard every day using my eyes and hands to type (or rather ‘hunt and peck”). I enrolled in “Qwertynomics” and after 10 lessons and practice I now type with my hands only. Although I was unsure I would be successful after typing incorrectly for so many years Zoe made the lessons fun, she was patient, encouraging and always supportive. With her guidance and lots of practice at 53 years young I have accomplished another skill and made another friend!”
Sheila, Secretary
“I am in a very important job and was too embarrassed to admit that I never learnt to type. I enrolled on the typing course and was delighted in the results. The lessons went fast and I practiced every day. Even after the first day I was not looking at my hands. I can see that it is easier for children to learn this before they get into bad habits. I wish I had learnt to type when I was younger. The course is fun and has saved me so much time at work. I am proof, you are never too old. Thank you.”
Martin, Dr
“I learned how to type at the end of Grade 9, in a summer school secretarial course. Touch typing and administrative skills paid my way through my undergrad degree in Engineering & Management at McMaster University. This degree led to a terrific job at Garrett Manufacturing in the Aerospace Industry. I then earned my MBA, and from there my PhD in Marketing. You could say that touch typing made all of this possible! And I still use my touch typing skills every single day. Without fail.”
Mark, CEO-Toronto based Marketing company

Why Choose Us

Qwertynomics offers a wide range of services for different learning styles, budgets and availability. Do you prefer to learn on your own, online or in a class?

      • Personalized services online or in person built to your needs
      • Short courses designed to fit around busy schedules
      • Multiple options for different learning requirements
      • Fun, friendly and relaxed teaching atmosphere
      • Learn about simple changes you can make to your workspace
      • Online learning and onsite classes available
      • Practice at home and learn with us
Our one-on-one course is the best way to learn. Learn essential tips and tricks on how to use computers effectively and understand how you can improve your health. Maybe you looking for a new job, increase your Words per Minute or just save time? We can help you increase your productivity and reduce the strain on your body.

  • Personalized learning provides you with exactly what YOU need for work or home
  • Invest a little time in yourself and change your future
  • Call Zoe at 289.716.1491 to find out more or book your first one on one class

Did you know that by using just 10 shortcut keys every day in a normal 8 hour day, over the year you will save over 8 full days at work. Our lessons are essential for anyone who is hunting and pecking at the keyboard. It’s never to late to learn how to type.

Great for professionals who would like to learn at home in their own time. This option will provide you with the software and keyboard cover. Learn, practice and test your speed.

  • Personalized learning around the needs of the students
  • Home user Licence for one computer in your home. Create new users for the whole family
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If you don’t live in Newmarket or surrounding areas, and you still would like to learn how to type effectively, no problem, We can customize your learning to your needs and work online with you.

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