Effective Typing Lessons for everyone!

Our students of  all ages learn how totype in their own style, at their own pace including those with learning Differences  in a fun environment.

Why Choose Qwertynomics

  • Touch typing skills are TAUGHT through fun and effective lessons
  • Raises awareness of correct posture and teaches simple exercises
  • Increases speed, accuracy and focus when using computers
  • Multiple options for different learning styles
  • Essential for 21st Century learners of all ages
  • Learn shortcuts to save time and increase productivity
Students will learn effective typing skills through one of our 10-hour courses. Qwertynomics methodology increases your child’s grades, their self-esteem and confidence. All our courses can be customized and combine Brain Training, Gaming and Ergonomics.

Don’t forget that this is unlike any other course or after-school activity. Learning to touch type correctly only has to be learnt once. Typing is one of the most useful skills that your child will learn and they will use it for the rest of their lives.

Would you like your students to be able to complete their work in a quarter of the time, concentrate on the task, increase their grades and improve their spelling? We have solutions that are proven to help across all areas of the curriculum.

Unlike other programs, Qwertynomics was designed by students and teachers for students and teachers. We have a variety of options to choose from including On-site Instructors, Train the Trainer and Blended Learning modules. You can give your students a 21st Century skill for life — a skill that they will never forget.

Are you looking to get a new job, increase your Words per Minute or just save time. By learning to touch type correctly, learn essential shortcuts we can help you increase your productivity and reduce the strain on your body.

Did you know that by using just 10 shortcut keys every day in a normal 8 hour day, over the year you will save over 8 full days at work. Our lessons are essential for anyone who is hunting and pecking at the keyboard. It’s never to late to learn how to type.

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They say that practice makes perfect and this is true when learning to touch type. Practice a little every day to master this new skill. Invest time in yourself now and reap the rewards later. You are worth it.


Learning to type correctly is one the most important skills you can learn today. Our program will positively impact all areas of your life. Qwertynomics TEACHES you the skills you need.


Everyone wants to succeed. Our program sets you up for success. By training your brain to work without conscious thought, it will allow you to concentrate on the other tasks at hand.

Qwertynomics Typing course for students offers these benefits. Save time, focus and reduce injuries. Typing Games, typing tests and fun lessons.

Qwertynomics has helped my son gain valuable life skills with the typing and computer skills program. My son is completing his school quickly, accurately and without the frustrations he previously experienced. Thank you Qwertynomics.
Sarah, Child in Grade 5
My kids love the Qwertynomics typing programme, it is fun and useful for long term learning how to type, spell and use the computer. My daughter comments how she is the fastest typist in her class at school. I recommend for adults and kids.
Mark, Parent of two tweens
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