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Featured on 12th August 2014. Click here to read the original Article

When Zoe Clements lived in England, she was renowned as a trailblazer for being the first teacher to launch, deploy and introduce touch-typing to the school curriculum in London. Yet, when she came to Canada four years ago, she found herself having to start all over again.

Here, Clements had no existing, established reputation, network or notoriety, nor any funding capital or financial resources for the entrepreneurial undertaking she was about to embark upon. She did, however, have a BIG idea about the way in which she could help people hone their typing skills using the modern “QWERTY” keyboard (a name resulting from the top-left keyboard keys.)
Clements then founded the company called Touch Typing 4 Life, which has since been rebranded as QWERTYNOMICS. She has spent the past four years continuing to develop the training program and Online Academy that she started in England.

The results are undeniably impressive: By working with both children and programmers, she has successfully developed the ideal software and an Online Academy to help people develop excellent typing skills.
“I have students who are now typing at 120+ words per minute and they are 9 and 10 years old!”

Clements has always had a strong understanding of the way in which to do the technical side of her job but, when she started out as a small business entrepreneur, she quickly realized that she would require guidance when it came to the actual running, management, growth and expansion of the business itself. When she joined the local Chamber of Commerce, she was directed to the York Small Business Enterprise Centre (YSBEC) for assistance.
“This is where my knowledge was lacking. By joining and attending conferences through YSBEC’s workshops, I was suddenly a part of the business world.”
Clements attended a YRBiz Series conference and met with a YSBEC advisor. She was then directed to more courses, where she met other entrepreneurs who became both her friends and her support network.

“We have coffee meetings,” Clements says, “where we each try to bring one problem to the table and brainstorm together to find solutions and create strategies.”
Business is moving forward for QWERTYNOMICS.
Clements is preparing to move outside of the classes she runs in her home-based learning environment and is meeting with Canadian school boards and private schools to bring her program to school classrooms. The first training session began this week. The first teachers will now be using QWERTYNOMICS methods and software in their classrooms as of September, 2014.

With her business gaining momentum, Clements continues to seek support from the York Small Business Enterprise Centre.
“You can actually go and visit. It’s not just a virtual office; you can physically visit with and sit across the desk from someone and say, ‘This is where I’m at – please help.’ Just having somebody from whom to bounce off ideas is wonderful.” says Clements.

You can learn more about QWERTYNOMICS and continue following this local York Region success story at www.qwertynomics.ca