Whoever thought that typing was boring never has attended a Qwertynomics typing class. Typing is not like in times gone by, the clickity clack of the keys on an old typewriter today we hear the laughter of students having fun as they type.

“Typing is the pen and paper of the 21st century and one of the most fundamental skills used today. All students deserve the right to learn to type correctly from an early age and before poor habits are formed. We help students to succeed through awareness, education and correct skills training, we change lives by improving grades, health, and teaching a lifelong skill.”

Let me share a one of many success stories. It is hard to choose just one as there are so many. I will be using a false name to protect their identity.

How typing can change your life with QwertynomicsJoe was 11 years old. A different child who was popular with his peers but not succeeding well in class. During most classes he was disruptive, easily distracted and the clown of the classroom. His grades reflected his behavior in the classroom,all this unknown to me as he entered my typing class. All students were given the same treatment as they entered. I treat each student with respect and expect that in return.I have no preconceptions as I want all of my students to succeed , just as any teacher does.

Classes progressed as normal and he was one of my gifted students when it came to typing, working hard, high accuracy and increasing in speed more than any of my students. Two months went by and we were now using our new typing skills, timing their wpm and writing stories from the heart. The stories were so amazing we wanted to share these with the rest of the school. After printing their name and wpm on the bottom of the documents, I took them and shared them with the staff in the staffroom. After a few hours I was approached by Joe’s teacher. “You must have made a mistake. This is not Joe’s work. He cannot create work like this. He cannot write more than a few words in an hour because of his behavior and writing skills. ”.

I reassured her it was his work and we could do the task again. We did that the following lesson. Watching through the window, all of the students wrote another amazing story. As usual, Joe was fantastic, focused and wrote a beautiful story. She could not believe her eyes. We needed to make some changes for Joe’s future. He was allowed to work on a laptop for in all his classes.

After a month’s trial, it was agreed that Joe could use a laptop in the classroom instead of a pen and paper for all curriculum areas. This was life changing for him and his Grades went from a D to B’s and some A’s. His behavior changed and he was finally happy in the classroom.

There is a lot of pressure to learn handwriting within the classroom which is but don’t dismiss the valuable skill of typing. Like learning to swim, it is a skill that has to be taught not discovered on it’s own.

All that Joe needed was a tool to express his ideas and someone to believe in his ability.

To help children succeed, sometimes means thinking outside of the box.