My ‘domain’ and passion: providing advisory and consultancy services to individuals, businesses, schools and all levels of users of technologies, devices and applications, from all walks of life and levels of mastery! Developed a touch typing program to teach children and adults how to touch typing giving them a skill for life.

I love to share my interesting facts and discoveries on my journey into my world of  Typing, Technology and Education.

Over the years we have successfully implemented our unique touch typing program to more than 1250 students ranging in age, aptitude and ability. During our classes we  teach proper posture; wrist, hand and finger positioning; key stroke rhythm; and awareness of ergonomics as keys to proper touch typing, utilizing muscle memory.

Each individual student, regardless of age or ability, even in group settings, is provided a customized learning plan tuned to their physical stature, comfort level, and unique fine motor skills. We also inspire student comfort in working with a computer, its operating system, peripherals and programs.