Qwertynomics Instructor Training Program success

What a great success! Early August saw the highly successful debut of our first-ever Canadian Qwertynomics Instructor Training Program.

Leaders in Education took to the keyboard and devoted their own time to learn the intricacies and dynamics on how to deliver this new exciting Keyboarding curriculum effectively to their students.

Qwertynomics is a new banner, but representing established, innovative concepts and unique solutions, proven effective and reliable in practice. We have been developing and teaching with the Qwertynomics methodology for over 6 years now, offering an innovative and unique approach and engagingly inter-active process.

Rather than building a software program and methodology and THEN testing it, we took a very different approach… We designed the comprehensive program WITH the students and teachers from the very beginning. This allowed us to test, change and pivot within the program from the earliest of stages, providing the students with the ‘gamification’ they were wanting, whilst adding valuable content into the program. When children are having fun, they are learning and retaining so much more. The students are encouraged to share with other, play games, challenge themselves, as well as take some responsibility for their own evaluation and progress monitoring.

Significant thought and development goes into the back-end of the program, whilst keeping the front-end user-friendly for both Teachers and Students.

The children learn common key combinations, which helps them to learn in a fun and exciting way. Students enjoy the games and this is an amazing way to practice the keys they have just learnt during the lessons. Each game is directly linked with the lessons they are on, allowing them to gain valuable speed, whilst building their accuracy and proficiency.

What is the Qwertynomics Instructor Training?

This one-day training course allows educators to teach in schools using our software and online learning resources.

The Course includes:

– 1 Full-Day Instructor Training
– Instructor Software License
– 1-Year Online Access to all the Teachers’ and Students’ Video files
– Keyboard Cover & Fluffies
– Pack of Posters for the Classroom

If you are interested in attending our next QN Instructor Training program, it will be held  November 21st in Newmarket. Contact us for more information, or if you require any additional details or clarification – we welcome referrals and fellow-collaborators!

How did it start?

Teachers were approaching us after their students had taken our Qwertynomics Typing classes in our private class sessions. The undeniable impact this had had on BOTH their confidence and school-work was truly remarkable. Students had learnt typing and computer skills, that allowed them now to concentrate better on the task at hand and not merely the process and/or outcomes. We also educated them on correct postures and ways to use digital devices, to be and stay safe and healthy.

Easy as 1,2,3…

Are you worried about taking more work on? DO NOT!! Qwertynomics is designed to make teaching this new skill as easy as possible. The online video’s, software and support materials are easily accessible and super-easy to find, reference and use – utility and resources at your fingertips!
Come and join us and be a Qwertynomics Instructor and teach YOUR students the most essential 21st century skill TODAY! Join the team!