Typing and Coding go hand in hand. We use typing to interact with the whole world today. Children are on computers from an early age and it is important to teach them how to use computers correctly and safely.

A non-touch-typist has to make sacrifices in order to sustain their productivity. They spend more time hammering out code, then in order to keep up, they have less time doing something else. When it comes to programming, there are only so many things you can sacrifice!

For those hunting and pecking at the keyboard or looking at the keyboard when typing code, they are taking their eyes off the screen and mistakes can easily happen.

Learning to touch type is empowering as you can almost type as fast as you think. Why would you want it any other way?

Not being able to type is like being an actor without knowing how to put your clothes on, showing up to the game unprepared, coming to a meeting without your slides. Going to class without your homework.

Learning to type is easy to do with Qwertynomics. The earliest we recommend teaching children how to type is Grade 3. Their brains are mature enough to learn easily and their hands are large enough of the full size keyboard. We teach children how to type up to 40+ words per minute in just 15 hours. Some of our students can now touch type over 120 words per minute.

Learn to type before learning to code. It will be the best thing you ever learn.