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Write emails in a quarter of the time?

By | September 9th, 2015|Adult learning, General, Supporting Special Needs, Technology in Education, Touch Typing Research and Development|0 Comments

What if I told you it's possible to write emails in a quarter of the time? Well, believe it or not, it is possible. Yet 80% of people haven't realized how easy it is to do. And that makes me sad :'( ... because it only takes 10 hours to learn do). First, understand these two basic facts: The average person types at 25 WPM The average person reads at 300 WPM In other words, the average person can read roughly eight times faster than they can type. That poses an interesting question ... Why in the world are we still hunting and pecking at the keys??? It doesn't make any sense. We type eight times slower than we read, so why do we continually peck away at the keyboard? We are literally wasting time. And since the average worker spends 28% of their time in email, I'm willing to do anything in [...]

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Gift of Learning

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Are you looking for something different to give as a gift this year. Whether you are looking for a gift for a child, teen or adult we have something for you. We offer gift vouchers for the full cost of a course or maybe you would just like to contribute a little to the gift. It is your choice. Each gift is sent to you directly. Please give us a call to discuss your custom needs. Deadline for last orders to be sent is the 17th December 2015. Call us at 905 235 2269

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Schools will start teaching typing instead of longhand

By | December 2nd, 2014|General, Supporting Special Needs, Technology in Education, Touch Typing Research and Development|0 Comments

There are a few countries taking the lead but do they have the teaching techniques and skill they need? I found this interesting article in the Helsinki Times and thought I would share this with you. TEACHING children to write is transitioning to a computer era, as traditional cursive writing and calligraphy will not be taught at Finnish schools after the autumn 2016 and will be replaced with the study of typing skills, reported Savon Sanomat on 18 November. "Fluent typing skills are an important national competence," explained Minna Harmanen from the National Board of Education which is currently finalising the guidelines for the new study of writing. Harmanen acknowledged that waiving handwriting will be a major cultural transformation, but added that schools will still have room for altering their studies: when the teachers want, they can still teach longhand. Typing should be also easier to connect to teaching everyday [...]

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Typing on Tablet Computers Might Cause Muscle Issues

By | November 30th, 2014|Children's Health, General, Technology in Education, Touch Typing Research and Development|0 Comments

Using a tablet computer for a long time, especially when typing, is much more likely to cause muscle problems in the user’s upper body than typing on a physical keyboard, a study conducted by the Northern Illinois University cited by the Daily Mail reveals. These problems are caused by the different nature of the virtual keyboards from the traditional ones – while on a conventional keyboard users can rest their fingers on the keys, but in case of the virtual one they need to keep their hands hovering above the keys to avoid accidental key presses. This can lead to a condition called “prolonged static muscle loading” in the shoulders, when muscles are kept tense and motionless over a longer period of time. According to Jeong Ho Kim, lead author of the study, this prolonged static muscle loading can lead to musculoscheletal disorders, causing discomfort in the shoulders, and possibly [...]

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Entrepreneur of the Year – Finalist – Video

By | November 4th, 2014|Events, General, Technology in Education, Touch Typing Research and Development|0 Comments

Finalist ‒ Entrepreneur of the Year Award The Newmarket Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards has been recognizing Newmarket businesses whose business achievements or community involvement have made significant contributions to the economic and social well-being of the Town of Newmarket. This year’s recipients were honoured at the Business Excellence Awards Dinner Thursday, October 16, 2014 at The Manor The evening was entertaining from beginning to end with music, live entertainment and dancing. We were honoured to be recognized as a finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Thank you to everyone who made this a wonderful night to remember.

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Typewriter Art with a difference

By | October 16th, 2014|Adult learning, General, Supporting Special Needs, Technology in Education|0 Comments

Paul Smith was born with severe cerebral palsy. In his Oregon nursing, Smith types away with one finger tirelessly. However, he's no author. In fact, he considers himself an artist, and once you see what he's creating you'll certainly agree. As a touch typing specialist I would not usually promote hunting and pecking at the keyboard, but this is an exception. Paul Smith was born with severe cerebral palsy. He has a special talent, one he has had since an early age. He is unable to use a typewriter like it was intended; in fact, he only uses the letters and symbols on the top row. Paul creates beautiful art using his typewriter, recalling memories and copying from photographs and real works of art. An artist at work. Take a look and see if you agree. We have been teaching how to create this kind of art (ASKII) and [...]

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Ontario testing in schools goes digital

By | October 15th, 2014|General, Technology in Education, Touch Typing Research and Development|0 Comments

Ontario testing of students' literacy and math skills to go digital KATE HAMMER EDUCATION REPORTER — The Globe and Mail Published Wednesday, Sep. 10 2014, 11:48 AM EDT Thank you Kate Hammer for this article. It is interesting to see that Ontario is piloting the digital testing. "The agency responsible for measuring the reading, writing and math skills of Ontario students announced Wednesday that it will be going digital. Ontario’s Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) is poised to introduce an online version of its Grade 10 literacy test in November. About 1,200 students at 30 high schools will take part in a pilot version of the tests in the coming weeks, sitting at computers instead of at desks with a booklet and a pencil." See full article. Online testing in schools I would like to ask a few questions. Are we testing students' knowledge or their ability to use a computer to [...]

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How Touch Typing is training your Brain to type effectively

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Touch Typing vs Hunting and Pecking Did you know there is a scientific difference between "hunting and pecking" and "touch typing" when typing. Someone who hunts and pecks at the keyboard may be using 2, 4 or even all their fingers, but if they look, even just once, they are hunting and pecking. A touch typist knows the location on the keyboard through muscle memory and does not look at the keyboard when typing. This allows the typist to type faster, almost as quick as the thoughts can come into your head. This cannot be achieved with either hunting and pecking or handwriting. Touch Typing - Why is the Cerebellum is important The cerebellum is located at the base of the brain, just above the brain stem, where the spinal cord meets the brain, and is made of two hemispheres. It is shown here by the large blue cog. It plays an [...]

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The most essential shortcut for your browser

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This is probably the most essential shortcut when using a browser. Do you find it frustrating when you have asked Google for a specific word and it takes you to a webpage with thousands of words. Here is a simple solution. favourite when browsing the web. PC users Hold down Ctrl + F to find the word or words you are looking for. MAC users Hold down Command + F and type the word you are looking for. Go and try it straight away.

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Handwriting vs Typing

By | October 11th, 2014|Supporting Special Needs, Technology in Education, Touch Typing Research and Development|0 Comments

Handwriting is just as important as learning to type. It is all a matter of balance in the 21st Century. Let's allow our children the ability to learn both effectively.    

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Actor Tom Hanks Releases Typewriter App

By | September 3rd, 2014|iPad Tips and Tricks, Technology in Education, Touch Typing Research and Development|0 Comments

Tom Hanks has decided to enter the tech game and create a new app with a little nostalgia. It’s called the Hanx Writer. The app turns your 21st Century iPad into an old-school manual typewriter. This app has now shot to the top of the iTunes App Store rankings, coming in as no. 1 in both the Productivity section, as well as Overall. His instructions were simple: Don’t make it gimmicky and make sure that it can work with a Bluetooth Keyboard. By using a separate keyboard, you can really get the full effect of seeing the blank white page slowly fill with black type. "I suppose some people who get the app may just be looking for a different sound, but really, it's for people searching for a more personalized experience when writing on an iPad," says Hanks. “There’s also the opportunity here to take your iPad to a [...]

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Instructors take to the Keys

By | August 29th, 2014|Technology in Education, Touch Typing Research and Development|0 Comments

Qwertynomics Instructor Training Program success What a great success! Early August saw the highly successful debut of our first-ever Canadian Qwertynomics Instructor Training Program. Leaders in Education took to the keyboard and devoted their own time to learn the intricacies and dynamics on how to deliver this new exciting Keyboarding curriculum effectively to their students. Qwertynomics is a new banner, but representing established, innovative concepts and unique solutions, proven effective and reliable in practice. We have been developing and teaching with the Qwertynomics methodology for over 6 years now, offering an innovative and unique approach and engagingly inter-active process. Rather than building a software program and methodology and THEN testing it, we took a very different approach... We designed the comprehensive program WITH the students and teachers from the very beginning. This allowed us to test, change and pivot within the program from the earliest of stages, providing the students [...]