Take the teacher and serious side of me away and lets delve into the fun of the Internet.

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Week 3 – Rebus Word Challenge

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See the words, see the rhyme, take the challenge,  it's Rubus time.

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Week 2 – Rebus Word Challenge

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See the words, see the rhyme, take the challenge,  it's Rubus time.

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Take the Rebus Word Challenge

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We love to play with words and text at Qwertynomics. Have you ever heard of a Rebus? A rebus is an illusion device that uses pictures or text to represent words or parts of words. We have modernized the Rebus and now only use words for our Word Play. We challenge our students to stretch their minds and create their own word games by using the new typing skills they have learnt. This allows them to create some very interesting challenges for each other. Through our Social Media we would like to test your brain too and share these with you. Every Thursday at 1 pm we are going to post a new challenge. See how quick you can guess them. Share with friends and test their brains too and see if they can guess what they are quicker than you! Are you ready?

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A Chorus of Keys: Drop the Space

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The evolution of keyboard is greatly portrayed by The Verge’s “A Chorus of Keys: Drop the Space”. The orchestrated performance of iconic keyboards throughout the ages is presented in honor of IBM’s clicky Model M Keyboard. See different models of keyboards – from typewriters to BlackBerry Curve QWERTY keyboard – all present in one video! Many thanks to The Verge for this brilliant video.

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Can Typing help you stay fit?

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I have just found this on the internet and wanted to share this with you. Typing OCD has kicked in for me as they are not using a Qwerty Keyboard formation. Would you notice? We all wish to remain fit but because of our busy schedule we rarely get a chance to workout properly. Fortunately, the question appears to have found a question now. Here is a funny keyboard cum punching bag that gives you an option to enjoy work-out session just when you are typing. Take a look at this funny and innovative keyboard that gives the best option to remain fit along with your work.

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One Cat Typing

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Cats new typing skills If a hundred monkeys banging away on typewriters could eventually come up with the works of Shakespeare, how long would it take one cat to write a joke? Typing is not just for humans. Meet Snuffles? Many thanks to KGOU. See original article. 

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Let it Snow

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This will be the last blog in 2013. We are looking forward to 2014. Wishing you all a safe and Happy Christmas. We will be moving sites in the new year. Come and visit us at Take a look at our new courses for the new year.

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Mac now supports Windows

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I like coffee and cake

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Don't forget to take a break when working on a computer. Get up and move around for a few minutes every 30 minutes.

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The Typewriter Orchestra

By | November 6th, 2013|General, Humour|0 Comments Did you know that the typewriter can be played in an orchestra? I wonder if the iPad will make it in next.

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Back to School – 5 top tips

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Box section in Ikea

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