Tom Hanks still prefers to use a TypewriterTom Hanks has decided to enter the tech game and create a new app with a little nostalgia. It’s called the Hanx Writer. The app turns your 21st Century iPad into an old-school manual typewriter.

This app has now shot to the top of the iTunes App Store rankings, coming in as no. 1 in both the Productivity section, as well as Overall. His instructions were simple: Don’t make it gimmicky and make sure that it can work with a Bluetooth Keyboard.

Matias bluetooth Keyboard for iPadBy using a separate keyboard, you can really get the full effect of seeing the blank white page slowly fill with black type. “I suppose some people who get the app may just be looking for a different sound, but really, it’s for people searching for a more personalized experience when writing on an iPad,” says Hanks.

“There’s also the opportunity here to take your iPad to a coffee house and be really obnoxious with all the clickety-clacking.”



Hanks says he uses typewriters daily and he’s not the only one. Many famous authors and songwriters still refuse to get rid of their typewriters and find that their creativity on these wonderful machines is part of the creative process.

I would never recommend trying to touch-type on any iPad. Always use a Bluetooth keyboard, as this promotes a healthier typing experience and posture.

Hanx Typewriter ScreenshotThe app is free in Apple’s App Store. You can also purchase additional features such as fonts, sounds, functionality and changing your typewriter. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your iPad and type away!