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Qwertynomics was founded in Canada in 2013. It originated as name of Touch Typing 4 Life. After years of research and development, we created Qwertynomics. The name comes from “Qwerty” – the first six letters on the top row of the keyboard-and “Nomics” – the ancient Greek word for Law. Hence the name Qwertynomics = “Keyboard Law”.

Typing is an essential 21st Century skill that is no longer taught in most schools, yet 96% of all students now use computers on a daily basis. At Qwertynomics we provide a holistic approach to learning how to type. By teaching keyboarding skills through typing lessons, typing games and having fun we are able to teach children and adults successfully in a short period of time. Raising health awareness is also important in our program. Showing you how to stay healthy while using digital devices will enable you to reduce Repetitive Strain Injuries later in life.

We Believe

To teach the world to Essential 21st Century Computer Skills in a fun way.  
We believe that:
• There is more to typing than just software; we provide quality typing education for all learning styles.
• Students should learn the why of typing, not just the what and how.
• Students have amazing ideas too. Let them make a contribution to their learning and development.
• Early health education applies when using technology. We are proactive rather than reactive.
• We can help reduce the increase of Repetitive Strain Injuries and muscular injuries by teaching correct posture when using digital devices.
• Learning to type is one of the most useful skills you will ever learn ‒ 96% of careers now require typing skills.
• The easiest way to learn is to be engaged and to have fun.
• Students are diverse, both in their acquired knowledge and their needs as learners. They deserve to learn in an environment that is equitable and accessible.
• Peer learning is valuable for success.
• We are setting up children for success and not failure, ensuring that they all feel valued.
• Bringing the Qwertynomics typing program to Grade 3‒12 learners throughout the world is something that we’ll achieve by all working together. It won’t be one person or one organization.
• It doesn’t matter if you’re 7 or 80 years old, a teacher or a business professional; anyone can learn how to type correctly.
We value everyone as equals: children, adults, teachers and professionals.

Safety for all:
We value the knowledge of health and safety education.

Customer Service:
We value exceptional service provided by exceptional people.

We value the dignity and uniqueness of all people.

We value truthful, accountable and ethical interaction.

Continuous learning:
We value learning, sharing knowledge and personal growth.

We see all our clients as individuals and tailor our program for success.
Our commitment to education comes from believing in the power of learning and the ability of students to learn a skill for life.

Typing is the pen and paper of the 21st century and one of the most fundamental skills used today. All students deserve the right to learn to type correctly from an early age and before poor habits are formed. We set up students for success ‒ through awareness, education and correct skills training, we change lives by improving grades, health, and teaching a lifelong skill.

Empowerment through learning.

We are passionate about changing lives one keystroke at a time, through education, inspiration and hands-on learning. When students are relaxed, having fun and feel comfortable, they learn more. Our program was designed by children and teachers for children and teachers, keeping all learning styles in mind. Join us and discover the fun of learning all over again.
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Qwertynomics methodology teaches essential life skills: communication, problem solving and more.

Software, combined with fun, interactive classes, builds confidence while promotion accuracy, speed and proper posture.
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Meet Our Team

Zoe & Robert Clements
Zoe & Robert ClementsCo-founders
Zoe Clements is an International Educator, Speaker and Touch Typing/Keyboarding Specialist who is perhaps best known for bringing Touch Typing into the Elementary school curriculum in England.

Zoe has developed an innovative method of teaching Touch Typing/Keyboarding skills which produces outstanding and measurable results for children and adults.

As an outspoken and passionate advocate of innovative education, specializing in training other teachers to teach her proprietary program, Zoe has received Local, National and International media coverage for her knowledge, views and ideas.

Robert, as a co-founder of Qwertynomics, focuses on setting new goals to benefit students.

Joshua Clements
Joshua ClementsCo-founder
As a co-founder of Touch Typing 4 Life/Qwertynomics, Joshua has held many roles from Support Teacher, Speaker and Software development designer. Not only has he been instrumental in the building of this program he has also been through the program. Josh is a prolific volunteer for the community of Newmarket, through Scouting and other local events.  He is a strong beacon and leader to others inspiring them to achieve their best. In the summer of 2013 he received his Chief Scouting Award and in 2015 received his Queens Venturer Award in recognition of his hard work.

With interest in Space Engineering, Josh applies this to his tutoring. He has just launched his own company www.Sci-tek.ca and now offers Lego Robotic, Minecraft and Programming classes for children and Summer Camps in combination with Qwertynomics.

Josh is known for his hard work and strong focus and ideas.

Irma Van Wyk
Irma Van WykEditor and Instructional Designer

Irma has worked as a journalist, a Copy Editor and Proofreader in Publishing and as a Counsellor. She is a recent graduate of English Type and has mastered Touch Typing after years of three-finger key pecking.

Passions and interests: Books, crafts of every kind, crochet, photography, music, film, interior decorating, dogs and travel.

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