Take control of your keyboard and learn to type effectively and in a fun way.

Qwertynomics Typing Course includes software, online videos and everything you will need to succeed in learning typing skills.

This is the easiest way to learn to type.

Typing Skills

More than just typing. Qwertynomics teaches literacy skills, proper grammar and punctuation.



Correct posture when using a computer, body alignment, promotion health and wellness.

Speed and Accuracy

Communicate thoughts and ideas better and faster, providing a consistent workflow.

Communication Skills

Build muscle memory, train the brain and expand on skills for school, university or work.

Qwertynomics is more than just learning to type!

Learning to type correctly is one the most important skills you can learn today. Our program will positively impact  all areas of your life.

Qwertynomics TEACHES you the skills you need. But that’s not all, when you buy any of our Qwertynomics programs/classes,  you will also get the best typing software around!

  • Structured learning increasing speed and accuracy
  • Fun interactive typing exercises and games linked closely with each level
  • Unique colour coding system to support efficient learning
  • Easy-to-access statistics to track progress
  • Multi-sensory approach with video stories providing memorable typing strategies
  • Virtual videos reinforce proper posture and typing technique to prevent injuries
  • Suitable for anyone age 7+
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The most effective Typing program that takes into account your personal learning style!

We understand  that everyone has different learning styles and allow you to learn to type  quickly and easily without looking at your hands.

Engaging Lessons, Games, Spelling, Speed Boosters and Tests

  • Do you want to learn a skill that will benefit you for the rest of your life?
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Qwertynomics Online Typing course for adults and children