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Qwertynomics is an online or classroom-based typing program that teaches essential typing skills and promotes digital health in a fun and effective way.

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If only I knew as a child

If I knew how easy it would have been to learn to type correctly I would have done this a long time ago. I was skeptical about Qwertynomics and how successful it would be after I had conditioned myself over three decades to type rather fast with four fingers. However, with Qwertynomics old habits died fast (you can’t often say that) and what a difference it makes now typing reports and emails: faster, more accurate and in short, more enjoyable. Thanks, Qwertynomics.
Matthew – Executive

I do not hunt and peck anymore

My parents wanted me to do the typing course with Qwertynomics, and to be honest, I did not want to go. I could type fast enough with 4 fingers. After the first lesson I cannot believe how much I learnt. I did not know that I was going to train a different part of my brain. The classes were so cool, fun and I have learnt so much. Teenagers, in fact, everyone….this course is really worth it and you have to do it. I can now type at 50 wpm and I am getting faster. Thank you.
Michelle – Age 13

Learning to type is cool

Qwertynomics has provided my son with some great exercises and techniques to start him touch typing. I cannot believe how good he is now. My son hated writing and this was holding him back from sharing his ideas, he was easily distracted and frustrated. Learning to type was the best class I have put him in and he agrees. He has since carried on with these skills at school and is way ahead of his class due to his time spent with the Qwertynomics Typing Course.
Parent of child – Age 10